The Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation are currently fundraising for the development of the Pool and Park. If you would like to donate to our amazing organization, you can do so by clicking on the link below. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for considering our organization in your giving.

The sponsorship levels below with (Photographs) include a photograph in our promotion if you choose. We understand that occasionally a donation is made anonymously, and we will honor those wishes fully should you wish to remain anonymous.

Sponsorship Levels

Platinum Sponsors (Photographs) $100,000 +
Diamond Sponsors (Photographs) $50,000 to $99,999
Gold Sponsors (Photographs) $25,000 to $49,999
Silver Sponsors (Photographs) $10,000 to $24,999
Bronze Sponsors (Photographs) $2,500 to $9,999
Copper Sponsors (Photographs) $500 to $2499
Partners (Memberships) $100 to $499

Donors ($99 and Under)


The following is a partial list of our amazing donors. This list is capital donors only and does not include fundraising event donors. We truly appreciate every single person who has donated to our cause. We are so close to being able to complete Phase A!

CHS All Class Reunion
First Bank of Montana
Cherie Edwards
Steve Edwards
CHS Class of 2018 Parents
DePriest Sisters
Richard and Rose Stuker
Gary & Millie Smith
Montana Community Foundation – Warren Ross Foundation
Gary & Millie Smith
Karen Dooley
Tracy Harshman
Heather Huravitch
LuAnn Brabson
Gary & Millie Smith
Karen Schellin (Schellin Families)
Fred and Diane Jenneskens
Park Board
Treasure State Title
Karl and Debbie Pula
Triangle Communications Community Vitality
Pat and Donna Murdy
Kelcey and Nancy Diemert
Mark and Betty Billmayer
Cash – Wishing Tree Donor
Tanis Ross – Wishing Tree Donor
Winston Churchill
Daniel MacLean
Karen Schellin
DeAnne (Hanson) MaLnaa
Kari Sullivan
Arleen Lybeck
John Overcast
Carol Mangold
American Garage
Connita Vuckovic
Becky Taylor Lovelace
Winkie Taylor Telstad
Nita Magnuson, Jacki DePriest, Moselle DePriest
Nita Magnuson
Peggy Edgington Dion
Connita Vuckovic
Ginny Carruthers
Gary & Susan Tilleman
Jane McClintock Murray
Kelsey Harry
Ace Hardware
Chuck and Rose Hewitt
Mark and Betty Billmayer
Anita Magnuson
Scott Sheets
Karen Dooley & Graham Siblings
Karen Schellin
Sharon MacLeod
Connita Vuckovic
Sam & LuAnn Brabson
Robert And Anna (Schellin) Pierini
Triple Dog Brewing Company
Jim & Judy Steigmeier
Ted Kimball
John & Angie Hebbelman
Curt & Sharon Jensen
Ken Stuker
Robert Leeds
Max Jensen
Doug and Joanie Bruss
Theresa Danley
Kevin and Jen Elias
Ed Lipp
Keith and Mary Rothbauer
Steve Mangold
Bruce and Tamara Bull
Triangle Communications Community Vitality
Jean Keil
Cheryle Reagan
Henry & Dianna Reinhart
Shevin and Seth Mcblair
Tyler and Jessica Oehmcke
Steven and Maribeth Goodrich
Loren Ellery
Jim and Gayla Oehmcke
Suzy Skoyen
Scott, Laurie and Kathy Sheets
Nicholson Grain Farms
Inman Family
Pam Slack
John & Valerie Rusch
Fred and Rita Langford
Zurich School
Davies Family
Roger & Nita Jergeson
RD and Ruth Dannels
Gary & Tina Michaelis
Magic Carpet Travel
Albertsons of Harlem
Cyle and Barbara Green
Timothy and Carol Wachter
Ryan and Christina Reid
Stephanie Fuhrman
Jane Taylor Trangmoe 
Lukas Walter 
Marquel Howell 
Gary & Millie Smith
Claire Stoner
Dick & Nellie Jo Nicholson
Jean Keil
Amanda Ranstrom Adams
Charlene Lowen
Thomas Tilleman Memorials
Beth Fox
Pure Real Estate LLC
Leta Campbell
Jean Keil
Pat and Donna Murdy
Gary & Millie Smith
Gary & Millie Smith
Gary & Millie Smith
Melodie & James Lind
Julia Dolan
Pacific Steel
Chinook Dental
Pampered Chef Fundraiser
Amber Kanning – Pampered Chef
Buther Family in Memory of Patricia Lind
Roger & Lori Lind In Memory of Patricia Lind
Dawson, Glenn
Northwestern Energy
Chinook Alliance Church
Chris and Vicki Thomas
Mary Ann Sheppard
Barb & Ron Konesky
Vera Uyehara
Kristi & Jim Warburton
McCoy, Myrla
Smith, Gary & Millie
Mildred Dawson
Lynn Friede
Robert & Janet Williams
Sattleen, Shannon
Mitchell, Tami
Edwards, Steve & Sherry
Havre Elks
Havre Optometric Clinic
Triangle Communications
Chinook Alliance Church
Trudy Bruner
Jean Keil
Sapphire Carter
Anonymous Donor
Blaine County Community Foundation Endowment
Murdy, Pat & Donna
Kassi Fleury
Tracy Harshman
William Mangold
Anonymous Donor
Jean Kokkeler
Doug Mosser
Sam & LuAnn Brabson
Michelle Schellin
Anonymous Donor
Moxley Construction
Browning Kimball Foundation
American Lutheran Church, Women of the ELCA
Dennis Lott
Schellin, BJ
Marge Popham
James Kuntz
Lynda Ehlang Willms
Tom & Loretta Morris
Municipal Bond
Connie Harshman Bergen
Scott Dark – BNSF Match
Lloyd or Sonya VandeSandt
Loretta Morris
Gary & Millie Smith
Triple Dog Brewery
Myrla McCoy
Kropf, Tyler & Kyli
Isaiah Gillett
Murdy, Pat & Donna
Huestis, Darren
Voeller, James & Constance
Betty Callies-Melby
Derek & Laura Horsley
Terry Tilleman
Network for Good
Nicholson Grain Farms
JoAnn Stevenson & Family
Joanne Cowan
Trevor & Julie Cronk
Craig and Emilie Wierda
Town Pump Foundation
Mellott, Theresa
Rhonda Arnold
Kelcey and Nancy Diemert
Luckett, Andrea
Schellin Family
Mark & Betty Billmayer – B & B Buyers
Dan & Sharmon Moxley – Moxley Construction
Jane Ehlang
Andrea Luckett
Karen Schellin
Steven Denney
Dan & Peggy Harry
Allison Florance
Trangmoe, Jane Taylor
Lois Butcher
Paypal Giving Fund – Anonymous
Janet Williams
Winston Churchill
Stockman Bank
Timothy and Carol Wachter
John B. Thomas
Former Jumping Juniper Garden Club
Tracy Harshman

Current Fundraising Progress