The Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation, are a dedicated group of individuals working towards the betterment of the Sweet Memorial Park and the Chinook City Pool.  As you may know, both the Pool and the Park are in need of major repairs and updates.  To help in our endeavors, we have implemented a Membership Platform to ensure a successful continuation of our organization and the community of Chinook.  Our Membership Fees will be $100 per year and your contributions will go directly toward the fundraising efforts to improve both entities. 

For the 2024 Season, the membership fee is $100 and you can include a Banner at the Pool for an additional $100 (Only $65 for Recurring Members using their existing sign).  These banners will be proudly displayed around the upper perimeter fence of the pool.  You can sponsor them for your business, your family or individually, should you choose. The banners are 36″ x 18″ and you simply provide us with the information or logo in which you would like displayed.   

* Note, you must be a member to get a banner, the fee is to cover the cost of the printing of the banner itself.

We encourage you to consider becoming a member of the Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation. This active group will surely appreciate it and we are excited for our progress moving forward. 

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