Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation Donors Fully Match Schellin $100,000 Donation

This past January, the amazing Schellin Family put out a challenge to donors to match a donation of up to $100,000 for the Chinook Pool and Park project, and donors came out in full force! The family set a deadline of March 31st, and by late March, the donation total match amount neared $89,000 of the $100,000 match amount. A final donor put the match up over $100,000 when a local longtime Chinook resident, John Shelstad, made a very generous $100,000 donation to the project. The Schellin Family and the Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation are beyond thankful for the final donation to fully complete the Schellin Match.

“This has been one of the most humbling experiences of my life, said Foundation President, Heather DePriest. The generosity of the entire Schellin family as well as all of the amazing folks who have donated from near and far, has made all the challenges with this project so worthwhile.”

“The project has brought so many people together to help ensure that the Pool is operational for many years to come, and for this, we are extremely grateful. Every single donor who has donated to this project has helped shape the future of Chinook for future generations. I hope everyone knows the truly incredible impact that they made on such an important part of our Community.”

“The Foundation would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to the Schellin Family for helping to bring awareness and funding to the project. They have truly made such an impact on the success of the project and the future of Chinook. Thank you so much, Schellin Family, John Shelstad and every single donor to the project, thank you just doesn’t feel like it is enough.”

The donations to-date have now reached $1.35 Million dollars of the $1.55 Million dollars needed to rehabilitate the Chinook Pool. For anyone interested in making a donation, they can be made on the Foundation’s website here at www.chinookfriends.org/donations, or you can drop off your donation at First Bank of Montana in Chinook. Donations can also be mailed to:  Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation at PO Box 785, Chinook, MT 59523.