Thank you Chinook. We appreciate the support, we are so thankful and humbled.

We can’t do this without your support.

Our precious pool and park are in need of serious repairs. The pool was built in 1976 and has since surpassed the normal life expectancy of an outdoor pool. The good news is, we started this process in time. Should we wait much longer, the cost to repair the pool will be much higher as it could likely require the full replacement of the pool. That is why its very important that the community understand the reason behind our proposed bond.

The pool has started to have severe cracks that have required patching and gutter issues causing further damages to the entire structure. The pool house is also in need of repair and updating, and there are safety hazards that need to be addressed such as deteriorating metal doors, bathroom facility issues and more. Replacement parts for the original mechanical and chemical systems are becoming more and more unavailable as time passes and has caused issues in the past with the boiler not heating the pool for a lengthy duration of time and more.

The park is also having issues and does not have adequate drainage and becomes a pool of water when it rains. The Sweet Park Board has been forced to remove outdated playground equipment due to safety concerns. There are also trip hazards, exposed roots, outdated barbecues and the list goes on.

The proposed project to update both facilities including new add-on’s, is slated at 3.3 Million. A bond for $750K through a Recreation District will help keep our precious Pool and Park functioning. Our pool sees approximately 5700+ Individual Swimmers each summer and it helps provide a safe place for water recreation. It also promotes healthy living in the community, teaches lifelong swimming skills and the park provides a gathering place year-round. The Economic and Residential Development that these upgrades provide is two-fold for our community.

The cost per tax bill would be less than $50.00 per year or $24.95 per half, each time you pay your taxes.

Also, to clarify, this bond will ONLY be for the Precincts in the Chinook and surrounding areas (Chinook School Districts) and will ONLY be for the rehabilitation of the Pool and the Park, NOT for any additional items such as the Slides or Splash Park.

We can’t do this without your support.

Our pool and park have so much to offer the area, from the outdoor atmosphere that the pool has to the many patrons that visit the park each year, we believe that both entities are worth saving. Chinook draws patrons from every community on the hi-line and beyond each summer.

Will you help us Save our Swimming Pool and Park?

Want to support the project but struggling with the tax?

We might be able to help.

There is a Property Tax Assistance Program available for fixed income individuals?
This program is very under-utilized here & could be a huge help for those that believe the pool is important but may not have financial means.

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