Letter to the Editor – Kitty Tilleman


As the community of Chinook prepares to vote on the Pool and Park Bond Initiative, I write to encourage you to support these vital facilities that have served our community for over 40 years.

I applaud the progress and ongoing commitment of the many stakeholders working to rehabilitate the pool and park for our community’s benefit. They should be commended for their efforts to engage the public in the planning process and move toward a shared vision of these enriching spaces. Their work highlights the spirit of collaboration and exemplifies why our community needs to work together to make these updates possible.

Like many of my friends and neighbors, my family has enjoyed the benefits of these spaces for many years. Shortly after the current pool facility was built in 1978, my children joined the Chinook Swim Team and my family, along with countless other families, spent our summers poolside watching our children develop a strong work ethic, lifelong relationships, and a love for swimming. I now enjoy watching my grandchildren benefit from these same opportunities because of these critical community spaces.

In addition to the impact I mention above, the pool and park have been a gathering space for generations of class reunions, family reunions, birthday celebrations, Boy-Girl Scout events, and numerous other events and organizations. Chinook is the envy of many rural communities who would welcome an outdoor pool and park facility like ours.

I strongly support the pool and park bond initiative that will help make these upgrades a reality for our children, neighbors and the many visitors that bring an economic impact to our small community.


Kitty Tilleman