Grant Funding Update

The Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation has recently received notification that the Chinook Pool Rehabilitation project was not selected for grant funding from the Montana Land Water Conservation Fund program.  The Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation have been in contact with the MLWCF’s Grant Manager who informed the Board that there was “nothing that they could have done any better” when submitting their application.  Unfortunately, there were more than $3 million in requests and the MLWCF was not awarded enough funding this year for all projects that were requested, thus making the grant very competitive this time around.  This was further complicated by the fact that some of the funds were promised to projects that previously applied but were not funded during the previous grant cycle.  The Grant Manager informed us that some of the funds were required to go to “smaller projects” of less than $200,000, and the rest was allocated by the type of project submitted.  As such, the Chinook Pool Project did not make the cut, unfortunately.  

Although Chinook can reapply for the next round of funding, unfortunately it won’t be available again until Summer 2025 (with grant awards to be paid in 2026).  While this news is not great news for the Pool and Park rehabilitation project, the Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation is still 100% committed to starting construction on the Pool in the fall, after the 2024 swim season.  The organization will be working diligently to secure alternative sources of funding for the initial phase of the project alongside their professional Grant Writer, Jennifer Pfau.  The ability to raise these funds faster will make all the contribution dollars go further to rehabilitate the Pool and Park Complex.  The sooner construction can start, the sooner our community can beat some of the rising costs of construction materials and still complete the necessary pool repairs to keep the facility functioning.  Currently, in combination with planned fundraisers and pledges, an additional $550,000 is needed to complete Phase A of the project to rehabilitate the pool itself.  We have currently secured just over $1 million dollars. 

The Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation will continue to fundraise money for this project and we would also like to urge anyone willing to volunteer for any events to step forward, help with fundraising, bring your ideas, or possibly ask a wealthy long lost relative for support, wink wink. 

For more information on the project or to inquire about making a tax-deductible year end donation towards the remaining dollars needed for Phase A, please contact Jessica Aberg, FOPP Treasurer at (406) 357-2244.

To everyone in our community, we want to say a HUGE thank you for your continued support and patience with the Pool and Park rehabilitation project.  This project is so important for Chinook and we know, that with the support of the community, alumni, donors and grant funding, we will accomplish our goal of fixing the Chinook Pool and Park Complex.