Blaine County Journal Article

On September 9, a spokesperson for the Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation announced that they had received a generous financial gift from the Davies Family Endowment.

The endowment was established by Jack, Mark, Rick, and Dan—the sons of Reg and Vonnie Davies—who entrusted the Montana Community Foundation to establish a donor-advised fund to support charitable purposes for non-profits in Blaine County. The Davies Family Endowment not only provides a way to honor their parents’ legacy and the life they spent in Blaine County but to give back to the community.

Since its establishment in 1988, the Montana Community Foundation (MCF) has worked to build stronger communities. With offices in both Helena and Missoula, the organization’s efforts with donors, charitable organizations, cities, and towns have played a critical role in both philanthropic and community development. From the time of their founding, the MCF has reinvested more than $90 million in Montana through scholarships, grants, and programs. According to their website, the MCF is committed to keeping wealth in Montana and to building permanent wealth for the state by securing a portion of the intergenerational transfer of wealth for community reinvestment. Their mission is to cultivate a culture of giving so that Montana communities can flourish.

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